What We Do

R18CC serves Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia. The Center provides high-quality intensive capacity-building services to State clients and recipients to identify, implement, and sustain effective evidence-based practices that support improved educator and student outcomes.


R18CC employs innovative strategies to provide responsive and effective technical assistance that builds SEA capacity to:


– Implement approved ESEA consolidated state plans

– Implement and scale evidence-based programs, practices, and interventions 

– Address corrective actions from audit findings and monitoring

– Identify trends, best practices, and cost-effective strategies


Strategy 1 – Ensure Commitment of Chief State School Officers & Regional Stakeholders

Strategy 2 – Deliver Relevant Research & Capacity Building Expertise

Strategy 3 – Build Capacity for Needs Assessment, Evaluation & Continuous Improvement

Strategy 4 – Promote Partnerships & Collaboration

Just as our ancestors used the stars, the sky, and the sea as tools for navigation, we, too, at R18CC strive to provide the tools for our Pacific educators, building their capacity to navigate our children toward success.

–Lynette L. Villagomez , Co-Director Region 18 Comprehensive Center

Impact Stories

Expanding Social and Emotional Learning Opportunities for Guam’s Early Learners

Educator using a puppet to teach during an online sessionThe Guam Department of Education (GDOE), with capacity building assistance from the Region 18 Comprehensive Center (R18CC), instituted an early learning policy that has paved the way for training administrative and school staff on social and emotional learning (SEL) approaches and expanding a Prekindergarten (0–5) pilot program in Guam’s public schools. Two years into policy implementation, GDOE education specialists, principals, and teachers are reporting widespread application of SEL strategies. R18CC continues to support the GDOE as it extends SEL professional development to more schools, collects and reports on pilot program data, and finalizes an admissions process for the pilot program so that all eligible children may join.

Impact Story Topics: Region 18 Comprehensive Center, SEL policy, SEL professional development, Prekindergarten pilot program
Strengthening Instructional Systems and School Culture for All Learners in Palau

The Palau Ministry of Education Vision statementThe Palau Ministry of Education (PMOE), with capacity building assistance from the Region 18 Comprehensive Center (R18CC), has begun piloting an instructional improvement planning model titled “Circles of Success” to make targeted, manageable changes in educator practice. The goal of this project is to enhance school performance, and ultimately, make learning meaningful and relevant for every student in Palau. Pilot PMOE schools are reporting very positive and, in some instances, fundamental changes in classroom, school, and central office practice. These include the integration of student-centered instructional approaches, data-driven teaching and decision making, and reorganization of departments among others. R18CC continues to support the PMOE as they pilot instructional changes in additional schools and begin longer-term, strategic planning to sustain them.

Impact Story Topics: Region 18 Comprehensive Center, transformational instruction, school improvement, Circles of Success
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