Staff Directory

Emerson Odango

Director, English Learner Supports Lead, and Continuity of Learning Lead

Lynette Villagomez

Deputy Director, Accountability & Assessment Lead, Teacher Induction & Mentoring Lead, and Career Pathways Lead

Allison Layland

Education Strategist & Performance Management Lead

Eloise Sanchez

Early Learning & Social Emotional Learning Lead and Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Transformational Instruction Lead

Juanita Lawrence

Pohnpei Service Manager (Programs)

Canita Rilometo

Pohnpei Service Manager (Community Resilience)

Caroline T. Dabugsiy

Yap Service Manager

Joyminda George

Kosrae Service Manager

Hendrick Cho

Strategic Communication Manager

Sonja Evensen

Needs Assessment and Evaluation Specialist

Bernie Frank

Communications & Dissemination Manager

Diana Manuel

Family & Community Engagement Specialist

Denise Perdue

Project & Resource Management Specialist

Crystal Goodman

External Evaluation

Mary Lee

External Evaluation

Maureen Richel

Personalized Learning & School Improvement

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