Staff Directory

Hendrick Cho

Strategic Communication Manager

Caroline T. Dabugsiy

Yap Service Manager

Sonja Evensen

Needs Assessment and Evaluation Specialist

Bernie Frank

Communications & Dissemination Manager

Joyminda George

Kosrae Service Manager

Crystal Goodman

External Evaluation

Juanita Lawrence

Pohnpei Service Manager (Programs)

Allison Layland

Education Strategist & Performance Management Lead

Mary Lee

External Evaluation

Diana Manuel

Family & Community Engagement Specialist

Emerson Odango

Co-Director, English Learner Supports Lead, and Continuity of Learning Lead

Bradley Patris

Data Specialist

Denise Perdue

Project & Resource Management Specialist

Canita Rilometo

Pohnpei Service Manager (Community Resilience)

Eloise Sanchez

Early Learning & Social Emotional Learning Lead and Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Transformational Instruction Lead

Lynette Villagomez

Co-Director, Accountability & Assessment Lead, Teacher Induction & Mentoring Lead, and Career Pathways Lead

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