June 14, 2021

Strategic Performance Management (SPM) in CNMI

By Lynette Villagomez (R18CC)

The Region 18 Comprehensive Center (R18CC), which includes its subcontracted partner Academic Development Institute (ADI),  provides support to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Public School System (PSS) to build capacity in the area of Strategic Performance Management (SPM) and Evaluation. Beginning in 2018, CNMI PSS Key Management, Directors, Program Managers, and Coordinators have been engaged in the SPM process, building a strategic direction based on the CNMI PSS’s Strategic Priorities. The goal was to finalize the direction, align functions and structure to the direction, and take effective steps for implementation using SPM.

Strategic Performance Management (SPM) is a multistep process that guides the SEA leadership in designing and revising a system of strategic performance management. SPM combines strategic planning with performance management by creating an organizational structure based on strategies and functions, align- ing resources with the structure, addressing human capital and productivity, and establishing performance measures

                                                                                                                                   (Redding & Layland, 2015, p.3)

By 2019, PSS completed their plan for the 2019–2020 school year; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, implementation was delayed until October 2021. Training was then provided focused on how to conduct monthly action status reports using a web-based platform.  To date, PSS has a monthly status reporting average of 95%, which is 25% over the expectation.

During the week of May 17–21, 2021, ADI Chief Education Strategist, Dr. Allison Layland, and R18CC Deputy Director, Lynette Villagomez, facilitated the planning process for CNMI PSS’s next two years. Aside from the participation of the district and school leaders, members of the State Board of Education were also present to provide feedback and ask questions. 

This work included aligning their plan with Accreditation recommendations. Implementation includes a performance routine, which entails reviewing progress and using data to make adjustments as needed to ensure projects that are still in process are continued and completed on time.

This trip was notable as being the first time that R18CC staff (Dr. Layland) was able to travel from the continental US to a Region 18CC entity during the pandemic. R18CC followed strict protocols throughout Dr. Layland’s travel, from COVID-19 testing to local quarantine requirements. Dr. Layland’s experiences have provided a foundation for learning about the best practices for travel in the region during the pandemic.

To learn more about Strategic Performance Management Planning, please visit the Academic Development Institute website at https://www.adi.org/spm.html

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